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mie (制造集成工程师)
面议 经验不限 本科
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duties & responsibilities:
1.manage technical development aspects of automotive manufacturing projects from simple hand assembly to large high-volume complex automation.
2.provide coordination support to planning, procuring and development services for tooling and equipment unique to a product such as dies, molds, assembly equipment, fixtures and any other specific equipment necessary to produce the product.
3.coordinate the technical efforts of the tooling groups and plant engineers to assure that financial and technical assumptions are achieved.
4.coordinate with program management regarding the division of responsibilities on a given program, leaving the greater level of technical detail to the mie.
5.propose the basic manufacturing process, physical location production rates, labor needs, packaging methods and other pertinent manufacturing information required to develop pricing.
6.create and head the “manufacturing process development team”, including engineering disciplines required as defined by the component make up of the product; plant and facilities engineers and quality and product engineers.
7.manage the interface with product engineering and the pdt to assess manufacturing feasibility of the product, identifying any limitations of the proposed design. document all concerns and report to the pdt.
8.develop monthly tooling report for the business unit and provide updates on a monthly basis to key business unit personnel including but not limited to program management.
9.create process flow diagrams-concept the manufacturing process through the coordinated efforts of the pdt, by identifying the broad details of the total process such as stamping, injection molding, insert molding, stitching, assembly and other processes required to manufacture all of the components and the final product.
10.own and conduct the pfmea. coordinate the efforts of the appropriate plant and tool engineers, as defined by the product component make up and receiving plant, to assess the risks associated with each step of the manufacturing process.
11.coordinate and oversee component pfmea-oversee the completion of tool specific pfmea led by the associated tool engineer.
12.oversee the component tool design review and build process led by the tool engineers. evaluated any and all changes in respect to the affect on downstream processes, the affect on the manufacturing process as a whole and the impact to total program delivery. modify the manufacturing process develop plan accordingly.
13.coordinate with plant engineering or facilities management to create a layout plan for the manufacturing process, as it will run on the manufacturing floor. create an updated facility drawing based on the plan.
14.coordinate with molex facilities management and the receiving plant, the installation of non-tooling capital equipment such as presses, cranes and other ancillary equipment not specific to a product.
15.coordinate with program management to construct detailed plans of the various tasks required for successful tryout execution. including but not limited to materials, labor, special equipment, packaging information and appropriate documentation and special instructions.
16.coordinate and organize the tryout and debug team to perform the evaluation of the process, refine the process and perform the run at rate with the receiving plant and the customer.
17.define input to control plans and qualification plans.
18.lead and actively participate in customer run at rates on site at the receiving plants.
19.understand, support and contribute to current molex total quality management (tqm), six sigma, international standards organization (iso) and environmental, and/or health and safety (eh&s) management systems by following stated policies and procedures. understand the words, concepts and apply the mbm guiding principles to achieve profitable results.
20.perform other related duties as assigned by management
1.bachelor’s degree in manufacturing related area or equivalent directly related practical experience.
2.knowledge of connector manufacturing processes: molding, stamping and assembly
3.mechanism design coupled with strong math and mechanism analysis skills.
4.ability to read and interpret product, tool detail and assembly drawings
5.tool detail manufacturing and fabrication process knowledge
6.ability to quote the design, build, assembly and debug of assembly equipment
7.experience in high speed piece part marking using inkjet printing, laser and other methods
8.plc/pc control experience (allen bradley preferred)
9.servo, stepper motor and pneumatic systems control experience
10.high speed piece part inspection, test methods and associated equipment
11.effective interpersonal skills at all levels of the organization
12.good decision making ability
12.strong communication skills with subordinates and all areas of management
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